Types of Landscaping Services

July 4, 2019

When it comes to what you can ask a landscaping company to do to your yard, your imagination is really your only limitation! You can create a complete jungle-like environment filled with beautifully overgrown shrubs and greenery; or you can have a clean patio surrounded by rock gardens and waterfalls.

And of course, you can have just about anything in between. A landscaper’s job is to make sure that your yard is not only beautiful, but that it’s like a work of art and makes people stop as they pass to admire the natural beauty.

It’s also a landscaper’s job to make sure that your lawn is as functional as it is beautiful. You want your yard to be beautiful because you want to spend time in it; and to do that you’ll need some practical elements to help you enjoy it a little more.

Paving walkways, driveways, and patios isn’t something that people often think of when it comes to landscaping companies, but many companies also specialize in these areas. If you can’t find a landscaper that can provide you with a fully paved driveway, they should at least be able to install a simple concrete patio pad or concrete stepping stones for the garden, or to create a walkway. Incorporating walkways into your landscaping can make it even more beautiful and give you an even more practical way to enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Think a beautiful stone walkway winding through gardens filled with bursting blooms!

Lighting is another element that can be both practical and beautiful, and is also something that a landscaping company will be able to do for you. Having some sort of lighting outside is a good idea for those warmer nights when you want to sit out on the deck for dinner, or have friends over for a pool party. There is a huge selection of different lighting options for your landscaping including post lights, lanterns, string lights, or spotlights lighting up a large area, to name just a few.

Of course, choosing and planting different flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees for your yard will be part of any landscaper’s job. This will include things such as digging out the flower beds and often, regular maintenance of the beds and trees after they have been planted.

The most basic job of any landscaping company, and the one people most often imagine when they think of landscaping companies, is the basic job of lawn-cutting. Of course, this too can include things such as trimming bushes and pulling weeds. You can hire a landscaping company that will do only these very basic jobs for you, if you’re already happy with your landscape design but don’t want to put the effort into it that the maintenance requires. If this is the case however, it’s especially important that you research any company very carefully to make sure that they are a legitimate, licensed, and insured landscaping company. This is because it’s very easy to push a lawnmower down the street and go door-to-door claiming to be a one-man landscaping company. But they’re probably not a legitimate company and if that’s the case, you could end up paying the price should something go wrong.

It’s important to consider what kind of services you want your landscaping company to provide you with before you even begin talking to different companies. This is because not all landscaping companies will be able to perform all services and it will save you the time of researching a company who ultimately won’t be able to help you.